A nice recent testimonial from our customer Drew:

My gas line was leaking and a competing company (Hayter) claimed I’d need an entire gas line replaced. The quote was $3,500 and I choose to shop around, I called Absolute Comfort (Heating and Cooling).

Pete arrived within ~20 minutes of my first call, and fixed the issue on the same day. He traced the issue to a single union (coupling) and fixed it for $343 (about 10% of the initial visit from Hayter). Pete was polite, professional and understanding. While waiting for a colleague to arrive he shot the breeze with me over a cup of coffee. Great company, great people, please give these guys a shot!

Hayter charged me $258 to tell me that I needed an entire gas line, when in fact I just needed one coupling replaced. Absolute Comfort did the repair for $343. Give these guys a call FIRST before you call anyone else.

As the winter of 2013 approached, the heat exchanger in my old outdoor unit rusted out, causing a very serious gas leak. I knew that the furnace would have to be replaced ASAP. It had happened just before one of the coldest winters we’ve had in over a decade! (more…)

I had Pete Cooper at our house for the first time a week ago to service our air conditioner . I was impressed with his knowledge and his professional approach to me as a customer. We had been having problems with our tankless hot water heater and was not able to figure out what was causing it .

Read up online but no luck . So I asked Pete if he could fix it. Pete had suggested what it could be and mentioned that he has repaired tankless hot water heaters for years. We scheduled an appointment . Pete came over and serviced and repaired the problem. It’s the first time in over a year that our tankless hot water heater has worked properly . We are very happy with his service . Highly recommend ! Thanks Pete and Absolute Comfort !

Dave and Jeff from Absolute comfort were truly great! In just one day we went from worried about our furnace and air working properly to enjoying brand new ones. I would totally recommend them to anyone looking for their service. They were very clean, polite and helped out with all our questions and concerns. And super fast too. By far, the best experience I’ve ever had with any company!

Huge rave to Absolute Comfort Heating and Cooling for their amazing customer service, quick response and fantastic service tech. Thank-you so very much